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Paper Cups, Single Wall, Double Wall



4 oz. Paper Cups 

Made from high grade poly coated paper, these 4 ounce paper cups can be utilized in a variety of ways, and come in 50 units per order. Commonly used in dispensaries and dab bars as water and sampling cups. Each cup has been made with a thick lining surrounding the diameter of the top of the cup for additional grip for your lip.

Size: 4oz
$0.17 per unit
50 units per order
Poly coated paper


Kraft Ripple Paper Cups

These paper cups have a rippled outer wall designed to insulate the hot contents from the person holding the cup.
This style of design gives both good insulation and a extremely strong cup…. it’s also very stylish!


8/10oz Coffee Cup Clutch (Qty 1000)

8/10oz Coffee cup corrugated clutch. Suitable for 8-10oz single wall cups. Ensures cups are not too hot to hold! Suitable for coffee shops, cafes & train stations etc. Wholesale case of 1000.

The paper cup sleeve will reduce the heat when holding the cup, allowing you to hold it more comfortably. Ideal with the single wall cups.
The paper cup tray allows you to carry up to 4 drinks at a time.


Coffee Cup Sleeves/Clutch/Holders 8/10oz (100)

These very popular takeaway disposable cup holders (coffee clutches) are perfect for use with any hot drink 'To Go' paper cup size between 8oz and 10oz.

These brown cardboard sleeves simply slip over your paper cup and work to reduce the risk of customers burning their hands on a hot beverage.

These 8oz "java" sleeves are designed to fit any standard single walled 8 oz or 10oz paper cup.

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