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A. Basic Policy for Protection of Personal Information


JC PAPER (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) recognizes that one of its corporate social responsibilities is the proper management and protection of personal information, including the names, addresses and e-mail addresses (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”) that it acquires in the course of conducting its business and services, and shall accordingly put the following measures into practice.

  1. The Company shall abide by all laws and guidelines concerning the protection of Personal Information, establish internal rules and regulations related to the handling of Personal Information, and make every effort to ensure that all the members of its management and staff are aware of these obligations.
  2. With regard to the protection of Personal Information, the Company shall establish a risk management committee headed by a director of the Company and shall appoint information managers in each department who will supervise the management of information and implement the education and training of staff.
  3. In the event that Personal Information is collected from customers, the Company shall specify the purpose of use and either notify the customers directly of the purpose of its use or publicly announce it on the Company’s website.
  4. The Company shall ensure that Personal Information is used only for purposes within the scope of the purposes of use that have been clearly specified or notified in advance or publicly announced on the Company’s website.
  5. Except in special circumstances such as the provisions of laws or regulations, the Company shall not provide or disclose Personal Information to any third party without the customer’s prior consent.
  6. The Company shall take appropriate safety measures and conduct appropriate management to safeguard against any unauthorized access to Personal Information that it possesses and to prevent any loss, damage, falsification, or divulgence of Personal Information.
  7. In the event that the Company outsources the handling of Personal Information, it shall undertake appropriate management to contractually oblige the party providing such service not to divulge such Personal Information.
  8. In the event that any customer requests that the Company disclose, revise, delete, or suspend the use of Personal Information in the Company's possession, the Company shall respond appropriately and sincerely.
  9. The Company shall not intentionally collect Personal Information from any child under the age of thirteen. Regarding Personal Information of persons under the age of thirteen, the Company must request that such provision is always made with the consent of a guardian.
  10. The Company shall abide by all laws and regulations concerning the protection of Personal Information, and in the handling of Personal Information, take appropriate measures such as the notifying of data subjects or the disclosing to the public of all important matters.

*Definition of Personal Information
Personal Information is information that identifies or can identify an individual by one or combining two or more of the following data: His/her name; date of birth; age; gender; home address; telephone number; family composition; hobbies, preferences; email address; workplace; affiliation in the workplace; workplace address; telephone number of workplace; credit card number; bank account number; various numbers or character sequences attached to the individual; information collected from the purchase of goods, products or services; information on websites visited; IP address; cookies; information related to complaints, consultation, inquiries, etc.
Data subject refers to the individual that can be identified by the above-mentioned Personal Information.

B. Purposes of Use of Personal Information Handled by the Company

The Company shall collect necessary Personal Information which is used for the following purposes so that it can carry out its business activities. Personal Information collected by the Company may be used, within the scope of the purposes listed below, jointly with the Company’s Group companies including subsidiaries and affiliates of the Company.

  1. To enable the execution and performance of agreements including the provision of goods and services
  2. To obtain contact information necessary for conducting the provision of goods and services and for the forwarding of goods
  3. To execute payment claims and protect accounts receivable regarding goods and services
  4. To provide explanatory information regarding goods and services
  5. To provide information concerning seminars, lectures, special events, sales campaigns, and other activities that the Company conducts or sponsors
  6. To implement various measures and provide special services in order to build and maintain smooth relations with business partners
  7. To conduct market surveys, analysis, and other research of the pulp and paper industry and business partners
  8. To contact and provide stakeholders with information regarding meetings and gatherings conducted by or for organizations with which the Company is associated
  9. To respond to customers' inquiries and comments
  10. To contact and provide corporate information to prospective and successful job applicants

C. Handling of Personal Information on the Company’s Website

  1. Security during Access to Personal Information (use of SSL) The Company’s website ( hereinafter referred to as “this website”) uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted communications for transmitting and receiving personal information. SSL is a communication technology that automatically encrypts information input on this website. It has become well established as a conventional safety measure for communications. There are cases when access to this website may be denied, such as the use of a browser not compatible with SSL, firewall settings, etc.
  2. Use of Cookies . This website partially uses a technology known as cookies. A cookie refers to information that is sent to the web browser used to access this website and stored on the user’s computer. When this website is accessed by the user on subsequent occasions, cookies are used to provide contents more efficiently. It is not possible to identify any particular individual from the information stored in cookies. Depending on the browser setting, the user can decide to accept or reject cookies. However; by rejecting cookies, it may not be possible to use some of the services on this website.
  3. Use of Web Beacons . This website partially uses a technology known as a web beacon. A web beacon is an extremely small image file embedded in a website for the purpose of gathering information. It is a technology for determining how many times a particular page has been accessed. It is not possible to identify any particular individual from the information obtained through web beacons.
  4. Use of Access Statistics Tools .This website uses statistics tools, including access logs, for ascertaining trends in access. Statistics tools will only be used for producing statistical materials related to the management of this website and for investigating and determining methods of illegal access. It is not possible to identify any particular individual from the information obtained through access logs.

D. Disclosure, Revision, Deletion, and Prohibition of Use of Personal Information

Customers who wish to disclose, revise, delete, or prohibit the use of their Personal Information are requested to contact the General Affairs Department of the Finance & Administration Division, which responds to inquiries concerning Personal Information.

This policy may be changed when the necessity arises. Please confirm the latest version on this website.
The Company will revise this policy whenever appropriate and strive to further enhance its activities for the protection of Personal Information.

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